Thank you all for registering, attending, and sharing your support for the silkscreening world. I hope that you all have learned something great from our group workshops. I regret to inform the world that FugScreens Studios will no longer be offering printing courses after January 2014. It has been a great few years educating the public while analyzing my own means of production through demonstration. If you are looking to learn the art of silkscreen, do not dismay. There are many facilities in Chicago that have accessible and affordable classes, including Lillstreet and Spudnik Press. Have a happy new year, and keep printing!

Facilities and Materials:

  • 50+ screens (250-305 yellow polyester monofilament mesh)
  • Water based Nazdar ink
  • Squeegees (ranging from 1.5” – 21”)
  • Washout Unit
  • 32” One Armed Press (Seriglide)
  • 50”x60” Exposure Unit w. Vacuum
  • 24” inkjet printer (Epson Stylus 7000)
  • Scanner
  • 42” Mat cutter
  • Exposure Film (8.5”x14”, 13×18, 17×22 sheets, 24” roll)
  • 30 shelf drying rack
  • Padded tabletop (for textiles)
  • Varsatex textile ink
  • Solvent resistant tape
  • Transparent base and white ink
  • Myler
  • Drawing Fluid
  • Screen Filler
  • Registration Pins (Ternes-Burton)
  • Kimoto pake pens
  • Scoop Coaters
  • Proportion wheel
  • Embroidery and quilting hoops and supplies
  • Singer Confidence sewing machine
  • Useful textile notions such as fusible web, sulky solvy, measuring tapes and transfer pens